11 Free & Premium Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photos that are Truly Gorgeous

11 Free & Premium Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photos that are Truly Gorgeous

Pretty as a Picture

Lightroom presets instantly improve wedding photos to bring out the true quality of a photographers work.

If you’re a wedding photographer or retoucher, you’ve probably experienced the feeling of dread when a photo you thought was perfect doesn’t come out as well in post.

And that’s where the power of presets come in!

Yes, you could spend hours agonizing over all the little details, fixing them yourselves. Or you could plug in a preset, press play, and let it do the heavy lifting for you!

Not only will Lightroom presets save you vast amounts of time, they’ll help maintain that professional look everyone wants in their wedding photos.

We’ve put together a list of free and premium Lightroom presets that are perfect for wedding photos.

Now go and save yourself some time!

Wedding Lightroom Presets - $5

In this pack made right here at Medialoot, you’ll get 25 gorgeous presets that will bring out the best in your wedding photography. From Chic and Classy to Black and White and Autumn Feeling, you’ll have more than enough options for your images.

Even better, the plug and play presets work with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and Creative Cloud.   

Elegant Wedding Lightroom Preset - Free

Add a little extra warmth to your wedding photography with this free Lightroom preset. In one click, the preset will brighten, lower the temperature, and enhance your images. Whether you need to run a whole batch through the preset or just one picture, you’ll get truly stunning results.

Click on the link to see the preset in action!

Wedding Photography Lightroom Preset – Free

While this preset was made specifically for wedding pictures, the way it enhances images makes it ideal for a wide range of photos. The Lightroom preset gives an almost fairytale feel to your images. Even better, it’s so simple to use.

To see how this preset works, check out the video tutorial available on the download page.

90 Wedding Pro Lightroom Presets - $9

Talk about a pack that has everything you need! In this set of Lightroom presets, you’ll get over 90 versatile presets that will add just the right amount of oomph to your images. You’ll get all the light and tones of a high end image with just a click of the button with these presets.

When you purchase this set, you’ll get 30 presets, 48 ACR, 41 Toolkit Presets, and 18 newly added Moody tones. If one preset doesn’t work for your specific image, try another! You’ll have so many options.

The Bouquet Lightroom Preset – Free

The Bouquet Lightroom preset is all about adding clarity to your images. The preset sharpens and provides a delicate split tone so the vibrancy of your photos stand out. This preset freebie will make it easy and fast to get through photo editing, all while providing a consistent look.

Indie Wedding Presets for Lightroom - Subscription Needed

Not everyone wants heavy editing when it comes to their wedding photos. If you’re looking for a natural, subtle look for your images, the Indie Wedding Presets are the perfect option. The presets come with natural toning in different variations to match your lighting.

With the download, you’ll get 32 Lightroom presets and 32 Photoshop presets.

Forever Thine Wedding Workflow - $31

Cut down on your editing time with this huge set of wedding presets. Forever Thine isn’t just about its vast number of presets, the entire package was created to make your post-wedding workflow easier. Whether you’re looking to improve focus, add clarity, or create contrast, you’ll find the preset you need in this pack.

In this pack you’ll get 112 wedding presets, 23 wedding brushes, and video tutorials to walk you through the best usage practices.

50 Premium Wedding Lightroom Presets - $19

Photographers work hard to get the best images possible during their shoots. But there are still a few finishing touches that need to be added to make those images stand out, which is why Lightroom presets are so awesome.

This pack doesn’t just provide 50 premium presets that are ideal for wedding photos, the presets also save time and still keep images looking professional.

The Vows Wedding Lightroom Presets - $33.99

The Lightroom presets included in the Vows pack are light, airy, and subtle, everything a photographer could want in a preset. The set of 30 will give photographers the control over their images that they can’t have when taking pictures.

The Vows presets come in three different adaptations, Cold, Warm, and Flat. No matter what the environment when the pictures were taken, with The Vows photographers and retouchers can quickly get the exact look they want for their images without taking up more time.

Wedding Pro Lightroom Presets – Subscription Needed

Shooting an outdoor wedding? Then you might want to keep these Lightroom presets on hand. The set of 10 premium presets will bring out the tones and lights in an image, giving it an airy, fresh feel. And because the presets included in this pack are so versatile, they can also be used for portraits or engagement sessions.

FineArt Wedding Pro Lightroom Preset - $15

Turn your wedding photos into true works of art with this Lightroom preset. Lovely 02, or The Luxe preset, is perfect for adding a bit of drama to your images. Even better, you’ll get the dramatic look without sacrificing the consistency of your images.

With Lovely 02, the darker tones of the images are pulled while simultaneously focusing on the softer highlights. The yellow tones fade away and whites become more crisp with this preset. In addition to The Luxe preset, you’ll also receive a bonus of 49 presets to customize and finish your images.



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