11 Beautiful Sandy Beach Logos

11 Beautiful Sandy Beach Logos

Bunches of Beach Logos

Create sunny, sandy brands with this collection of free and premium beach-themed logos.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty over winter. It’s cold and grey and, here in the South, we’ve gotten lots of rain and absolutely no snow.

Thankfully, we can all look forward to brighter days with this amazing list of beautiful, sand beach logos. Using the coast as inspiration, we’ve curated a list of some of our favorite logos to keep us going until warmer days are back.

Whether you’re using them for a brand campaign, an eatery, or for textiles, these logos will give you the boost you need for your projects. You can use them outright or as inspiration for your own designs.

Oh, and while you’re building your logo, check out our 10 Best Fonts for Logos.


Beach Logo Template - $6

Our designer, Diego Sanchez, covered all his bases with these stunning beach logo templates. Perfect for use in beachside boutiques, restaurants, or hotels, the templates come with four different options. Go under the sea with the coral and seahorse option or stay closer to shore with a seashell and palm leaf.

The pack also includes editable typography, so you have flexibility in your copy, as well as color and monochrome variations.

California Beach City - Free

While you’ll find loads of variety in this logo gallery, about halfway down the page you’ll stumble onto this gorgeous California Beach City logo. The rough grain of the design, as well as the classic car and font, bring to mind sunny days driving down the coast.

Nautical Vector Label Set – Free

These label vectors combine a little bit of the shoreline and a little bit of the sea to create a beach hybrid we can all appreciate. The freebie comes with five different badge/stamp options, as well as a few copy options.

The sleek badges are perfect for stamps and stickers.

Beach Logo Template - $12

By keeping the palm tree at the center of this design, and crafting variations using that inspiration, these logos are simple yet effective. While you can change the colors to best fit your creative pursuits, the greens and browns with bits of blue and yellow are a perfect ode to beach life. Plus, with all the options, you can go as detailed or as minimalistic as you want.

Summer Typography Illustration – Free

A monochrome option, this logo screams summer days spent on the beach. The little details around the palm tree make this summer typography illustration something you’ll want to keep on hand. And, of course, you can change out the copy, though the current font is so much fun.

Boutique Ocean Hotel Logo – Free

If you need a beach logo, but want to keep things classy, this sophisticated boutique ocean hotel logo is a perfect choice. The imagery used mimics the movement of sea air and ocean waves, which keeps the logo from seeming too flat. There is also plenty of space at the center for the name of your brand or company.

Bird Beach Logo - $35

Need a professional logo quickly? Bird Beach Logo to the rescue! The vector based illustration is of the highest quality, meaning it can be scaled without losing resolution. You’ll get the logo in a variety of file forms, a collection of free fonts, and different background options with the download.

Beach Logo with Tagline – Free

Check out the details on this amazing free logo! Each frond of the palm leaves has been beautifully rendered, plus this logo even has a few gulls and a beach chair! What really makes this logo option stand out is how the gorgeous, gradient of the sky just makes everything else pop. And, of course, there’s plenty of space for your text at the bottom.

Sunshine Badge – Free

If you want an intricate, fun badge for your beach-themed textiles or brand, but don’t have the time to create one from scratch, here’s your solution. The clean and modern sunshine badge is perfect for online branding and print, with enough versatility that you can truly make it your own.

Retro Surfing Logo – 6 Download Credits

It’s great having logos with palm trees and waves, but if you want something a little less on the nose, try out this simplistic, elegant option. The font is playful without being too unprofessional, while the surfboards and seashells pay tribute to the ocean and beach.

Palm Beach Logo - $29

Designed specifically for beachside eateries, this fun logo can be customized enough to make it very much your own. With the download, you’ll get the extremely high quality files for print or online use. And because this palm beach logo is of such high quality, you can print it as small or as large as you want.



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