10 Best Fonts for Logos

10 Best Fonts for Logos

Fonts for Logos

Tell the story of your brand with the best free and premium fonts for logos.

When you’re creating a brand, or helping a client create their brand, a lot of thought goes into the story behind the company. You want consistency in your copy, your packaging, and your logo. Because it can be so easy to get caught up in all the other little details, the font you use for your logo can often be overlooked.

Most people pick their logo font because it looks pretty or because they’re exhausted from looking over hundreds of different font options. However, here at Medialoot, we believe that even the font you use for your logo needs to tell a story and point back to your overall messaging.

We’ve put together a list of free and premium logo fonts that we hope will help tie together your brand.

Duffish Font Logo - $10

If you want the font for your logo to showcase each and every single letter, Duffish is the font for you. The lettering was inspired by logotype forms used by companies, with the shape of every letter bold and full. The script is perfect for logos, apparel, and branding.

 Duffish comes with both OTF and TTF files and is also supported PUA encoded. The download comes with a Help file, but you’ll find the designers contact information on the download page if you have any more questions.

Poiret Font – Free

Everything about Poiret screams 1920s Art Deco. The straight, geometric lettering is so dramatic and clear, offering a stylish and elegant option for your logo. Because of the drama and slight constructivism of this font, we think it’s ideal for design brands and the fashion industry.

This unique logo font is ideal for all-caps usage and comes with plenty of accents and additional lettering for any non-English projects.

Raisa Script Logo Font - $11

Raisa is a gorgeous and rich logo font that swirls and twirls to give a feeling of true opulence. The script looks and feels like it was handwritten, with all it variations and unevenness. However, due to the clarity of Raisa’s cursive font, it’s perfect for fashion and stationary logos.

While the uppercase version of Raisa is clearer and more defined, the lowercase options run together like cursive. Raisa comes with ligatures, upper and lower case lettering, numbers, and punctuation. The smooth, handcrafted font comes with both OTF and TTF files.

Beaver Font – Free

On the other side of the logo font spectrum from Raisa, we have Beaver. Instead of being graceful and fluid, Beaver differentiates itself with its bold, heavy lines. However, by softening some of the corners, the font is given a playfulness that will come through in logos.

 Because of its uniqueness, Beaver is a logo font that might work best for brands that might be influenced by science fiction and the comics craze. Check out the comments at the bottom of the download page to view examples of how Beaver has been used.

Muffler Brush Logo Font - $15

If you want a font that knows what it is and has a very clear identity, Muffler might be an option for you. The hand lettering font is clearly influenced by vintage script often seen on old racing ads or Grand Prix posters. If you want an authentic, racing feel for your logo, Muffler Brush will provide it.

 Muffler Brush has two versions for those who purchase it: Clean and Dusty. Muffler Brush Clean has the same pen brush feel, but without the ruggedness. Dusty is rougher around the edges and looks, as the name suggests, like dust just blew off a muffler and on to the lettering.

Coves Font – Free

We adore the clean, modern feel of Coves. The gorgeous logo font has beautiful curves that are accentuated by simple lines and plenty of space. Coves keeps things basic, which makes it ideal for logos that are more interested in drawing attention elsewhere.

Coves comes with two different font options: Light and Bold. Each option comes with the full character range, including several non-English letters and accents.

Arzeti Wedding Logo Script - $15

In its description, Arzeti is compared to being the jewel of logo fonts. While we’re not sure we’d go that far, we do love this thin, monoline script font. Even though every single letter is artistically drawn, it still looks handwritten. The sweet font is perfect for stationary, fashion, and logos.

We love that Arzeti comes with so many different language supports, so you’ll have all the accents and lettering you’ll need for your International logos. The download also includes stylistic alternatives for the uppercase lettering.

Qanelas Soft Font – Free

Qanelas is another clean and modern font for the more simplistic logo options out there. The straight lines and breathable breaks between lettering make it easy to read, which is a must for all logos. More importantly, Qanelas is still unique in its use of slightly stretching the lettering, so it doesn’t look like just another font.

The Qanelas free download comes with two different versions of the font: UltraLight and ExtraBold. Both work beautifully for logos, website headers, and branding.

Liner Font for Logos - $9

Sans serif fonts are a go-to for most designers. However, that doesn’t mean these fonts have to be boring. Liner, with its exaggerated lines and rounded edges, proves that a sans serif can be both simple and extremely stylish.

Liner comes with two different weights, regular and bold. Despite the differences in weight, both options are perfect for logos, posters, and social media posts. This particular download only comes in OTF format.

Aileron Font – Free

Aileron is another sans serif font that falls somewhere between Helvetica and Univers. However, don’t let this association with better known fonts throw you off because Aileron is still a unique font that is perfect for logos. The lines are straight and speak of a very conscious choice in design. Aileron is perfect for social media posts and, of course, logos.

Aileron comes with eight different weight levels, offering you plenty of versatility within the font family. The lightest weight option is UltraLight and the heaviest is Black.



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