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Dotted World Map Vectors

Dotted World Map Vectors

Location, location, location.


Grunge dust and dirt overlay textures

Dust & Dirt Overlay Textures

A little bit of dirt never looked so good.



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Signia Vector Icons

Signia: 700+ Vector App Icons

Scalable, multiple formats, every glyph imaginable.


Flat Scalable SVG Icons

Filo: Flat Vector Icons

Freshly baked with hundreds of flat and crispy layers.



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Sketchbook Artwork Mockup

Sketchbook Artwork Mockup

Place and edit your artwork easily with smart objects.


Canvas Bag Logo Mockup

Canvas Bag Logo Mockup

Beautiful photos ready for your beautiful graphics.



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Monarchy: Slab Serif Display Font

Monarchy: The King of Type

A tall slab-serif font in three weights & six styles.


Meddle Sans-serif Font Family

Meddle: A Humanist Sans-Serif Font

Be bold. Or regular. The choice is yours.



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10 Awesome Hand Letterers that You Need to Follow

In recent years it seems that hand crafted design work that is actually crafted BY HAND is becoming more and more of a trend. After such a long period of designers relying on computers as the go to tool for designing, it's a breath of fresh air to see more...Read more

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