Vector Wood Plank Maker

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This pack includes 20 vector textured old wood planks unions, featuring a base wood texture that will let you create an unlimited number of wood planks combinations. Made from real wood planks, these vectors elements have rough edges for an authentic effect. These rustic vector textures make excellent backgrounds for just about anything.

The main wood texture was made capturing details like the wood grain and subtle scratches and marks on the surface. Each included plank union has a completely unique type of joint with different textures, which you can scale and rotate without quality loss.

How to use

  1. Open the included .AI file in Illustrator
  2. Go to Window > Layers to display the layers panel
  3. Expand the "Unions" layer
  4. Click on the eye icon next to each of the layers names inside the "Unions" layer group to show/hide those elements

The unions are clearly named (from 1 to 20), and you can scale, rotate, change the colors and just about everything without quality loss since they are all vector shapes.

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