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Vector Textures - Dust and Noise

Posted in Graphics / Textures
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In this pack, you will find 12 vector textures with a noise & dust theme, that will work perfectly on your backgrounds or as a subtle touch on your badges and emblems. As they are entirely made in vector, you can scale them up, rotate or do any modifications on them without loosing quality.

From very subtle to more roughten, these vector textures are a good addition to your design tools. Changing the colors is of course a very easy task, and every layer on the file is properly named so you can find the texture you are looking for very fast. If you copy and paste any of the available textures in this pack from Illustrator to Photoshop, you can use them as a Smart Object and edit them anytime just by double clicking on it; then you can change colors, add or delete paths and any other task you want and have the changes reflected in Photoshop instantly.

Besides subtle or roughten touches or your badges, emblems, graphics and texts, these textures can be used as layer masks or clipping masks to give your design a unique touch.

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