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Viking Nordic Runes & Font

Vector Nordic Runes Font Preview 1A
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Runes are the letters which were used to write languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet. Runic alphabets are commonly referred to as Futhark. This set of vector symbols includes 31 runes using clean lines with editable stroke widths and another 31 runes with a distressed, grunge effect applied to the runes.

Also included is a font called 'Futhark Runes' which has both clean and distressed versions of all 31 runes. We have mapped each rune to the closest latin equivalent where possible and in other cases used common punctuation that is easy to find on your keyboard.

When using the font, lowercase letters are the clean variation and uppercase letters are distressed. When a symbol is used for example: / the grunge variation is the same key whilst holding shift, in this case: ?

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