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Subtle Grunge Brushes - Vol 2

Posted in Graphics / Brushes
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This resource contains 20 subtle grunge brushes. Rather than messing around with various textures, layers and blending options to create subtle grunge effects in Photoshop, just choose one of these quick-use brushes and apply. You can even easily mix and match multiple brushes.

Tips for Use

These brushes are all designed to compliment each other, so don't be afraid to start layering them up, and creating your own unique combinations. For example you can use a subtle grainy brush for the base layer and then add some more defined scratches above it. It's best to start with a solid colour for the background and then apply the brushes on new separate layers, so that they can be re-arranged later if needed. You can even mix and match dark brushes with light highlights etc. for more interesting effects. Experiment and have fun with them!

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