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Scribble Photoshop Effect Mockup

Scribble Photoshop Effect Mockup Preview 1
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Instantly apply a high resolution hand drawn scribble effect to any vector shape or text layer with this mockup for Photoshop. This file uses Smart Objects, layer styles and layered filters to create a scribble effect that is not only high resolution but also editable.

Included are 3 variations of the mockup each designed to compliment different types of graphics or text. The variations are light, medium and heavy. Light works better for fine details and thin lines, heavy looks great with big bold artwork, and medium is somewhere inbetween.

Additionally, the color of the outline and fill can be edited independently via 2 simple color fill layers.

Here's how to use the mockups:

  1. Open the mockup .psd file of your choice
  2. Double click the Smart Object thumbnail
  3. Replace the placeholder artwork with your own vector shapes or text
  4. Save and close
  5. Double click the 'Outline Color' or 'Fill Color' layer thumbnails
  6. Choose you desired color and click OK

Please note that this is a complex file and may be slow to load on older systems

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