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Free Bootstrap 4 SASS Theme Kit

Bootstrap 4 Sass Theme Kit Preview 1
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This free SASS theme kit makes it easy to customise the appearance of your Bootstrap 4 websites. It features a comprehensive HTML asset page, a SASS stylesheet and a pre-made custom theme that you are free to use in your projects.

Whats Included:

HTML Asset Page
This is a comprehensive page of default Bootstrap components. If you've ever tried to design a theme from scratch, you'll know how useful this is for previewing your changes. No need to copy and paste each element individually from the Bootstrap website, we've done all that for you (and put it all in a nice layout too).

Default SASS Stylesheet
This template imports all the necessary Bootstrap sass features and lists all of the variables you need to modify the appearance of Bootstrap and their default values. All in an easy to understand, organised stylesheet with an area for adding custom CSS. 

Custom Bootstrap Theme
At Medialoot, we obviously wouldn't create a theme kit like this and not include a sample theme for you to use right out of the box! If you're tired of the same old default Bootstrap appearance, this will be a refreshing alternative. 

The SASS is included with our custom theme of course, but all you need to do is drop the compiled custom.css file into your existing Bootstrap project and you're ready to go.

Free License

Feel free to download and use this item for both personal and commercial projects with attribution back to MediaLoot. Please note:

  • Attribution is required for free items. For a non-attribution license, please become a member or buy the full version.
  • You may not distribute or offer this set for download on other websites. Promotion is always appreciated, but please send people to this page.


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