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Confetti & Sparkles Vector Frames

Posted in Graphics / Vectors
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This collection features 12 bright and colorful confetti arrangements for framing your icons, buttons and other graphic elements. These sparkly explosions are ideal for drawing attention to objects and framing your icons or buttons with some fun, playful digital glitter.

Included are 4 main categories for different basic shapes (circle, square, diamond and star) each of which has 3 levels of detail (minimal, medium and detailed) and also 3 different color schemes which can be updated easily in Illustrator via Global Swatches. In addition, all of the elements can be scaled freely and stroke widths are fully editable.

These frames are intended to be placed around common basic shapes with ease, however it may be necessary to tweak the arrangements to fit your particular object. In order to do this, we recommend choosing the nearest fit from the presets included and then rearranging the individual elements manually, duplicating or deleting existing elements as needed.

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