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Free Festive Wallpaper 2013

As a small gift from us this holiday season, we have created a new festive desktop wallpaper for 2013. Free for all, so download now and we wish you all a happy christmas!Read more

Free Festive Desktop Wallpaper 2011

As a small gift from us this holiday season, we have created a festive desktop wallpaper free for all, so download now and we wish you all a happy christmas!Read more

Top 10 MediaLoot Freebies of All-Time

We believe in freebies at MediaLoot. In fact, we released our first two freebies before the site itself was even launched. Since then we've released dozens more free sets with over a million downloads. Not too bad! In this blog post I wanted to recap some of our all-time favorite...Read more

A Hand-Coded Designer CSS UI Kit

Web UI sets have been around for ages, but this takes things a step further. This free UI Kit is coded by hand using HTML5 and CSS3 so you can easily drop these elements into any project you're working on. This code is made to take advantage of modern browsers...Read more

Free Filetype Icons — 50 Sleek Vector Icons

Some of the most useful icons are also the most basic, and this MediaLoot-exclusive freebie is the perfect example. With over 50 icons in this free set, we've covered almost all of the commonly used file formats. Designed with a sleek and simple elegance, this set can work perfectly in...Read more

Free Designer Portfolio Icon Set Released On SmashingMagazine

Hey everyone, time for another free icon set :) This time we've partnered up with SmashingMagazine to release this free set. Make sure you stop by SmashingMagazine to check out the release post.Read more

Two Free Corporate Identity Sets (Basic Style & Ultra-Minimal)

Not so long ago we released our first freebie on MediaLoot, a massive UI and web elements set. Today we're excited to offer two more freebies for you :) We've mentioned how we're working on many different resources like textures, brushes, and icon sets. But let's not forget about things...Read more

For Our Biggest Fans: Five New MediaLoot Wallpapers

I know we haven't been around very long, and we don't have a fan club yet, but Jon and I are hoping that a few of you are excited enough to want to wallpaper your desktop with the MediaLoot logo. We're also hoping that if we include some fancy wood...Read more

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