Introducing Customized Items from Medialoot

Introducing Customized Items from Medialoot

Customized Medialoot designs just for you

Today, we're releasing something new: our first-ever custom design service tailored for professionals who know what they want but don't want to spend the time (or don't know how) to make it. It's the best of Medialoot resources + your own professional designer.

Most of you know Medialoot as a design resource site for downloading fonts, icons, templates, mockups, and more. Mostly this has been what our users have asked for (particularly those who are professional designers). Lately however we've been getting more and more requests from users who are newer at design or are working across domains (e.g. developers) for help using and implementing our resources in their designs. 

This new service is designed to meet that exact need.

A pro designer at your finger tips

We'll be adding special "customize" buttons to resources that are available for customization. You'll be able to click to get more info and to request a customization of that particular resource. 

Each resource that is available for customization will have a specific list of features that can and can't be customized, along with a cost for the customized version. Take a look at our Sticker Mockup for Photoshop or Neon Font Collection for examples.

What will it look like?

We can take any of our resources, for instance our Neon Font Collection, and update the content for you — with say, new text or added logo, and minor updates in color and placement. Here's an example:

Base Resource:


This way, whether or not you're an expert designer, you can look like you are.

What can we customize?

Generally we'll be able to customize content, colors, and placement. We typically won't be able to customize things that would be like making a new resource altogether (e.g. designing new stuff). Our main focus is still to create reusable design that is valuable to a lot of you, customized items just help us take that a step closer to production and help our less-savvy Photoshop users.

Of course, if you want something — just ask. We take requests and love to get them: if what you're asking for would benefit a lot of designers we might even design it and release it as a resource at no extra cost to you.

Don't see the "customize" button on an item? 

Just ask us — if it's something we can customize we'll set it up for you or find some other way to help. Need something that isn't listed or is on our "can't do" list? Contact us and we'll give you a quote.

Our goal: save your time, make you look great

Our goal with customized items is simple: we do some of the work for you and save your time or help with areas you're not great at. We created and know our design resources, and now we'll be able to help you put them into production.

This is a big change for us here at Medialoot and we're undertaking it because it's something you guys have asked for. Whether you're an expert designer who doesn't want to waste time pushing pixels all day... or a non-designer who wants to look like an expert who's too important to push pixels all day.

Try customizing these:

Right now we've got a number of our best mockups and text effects available for customization. Here are some of of our favorite customize-able items:

Shopping Bag Mockup

Let us put your logo and text on this bag. No Photoshop knowledge or software required. We'll be able to update the colors, copy, and add a basic logo here. The color of the bag and the background color can also be easily updated.

Sticker Mockup for Photoshop

Get your own fabulous looking stickers, without messing with whitespace margins or diffuse shadows. We can create your own personalized stickers based on these mockups, adding your text, colors, and minor logo additions.

Window Reflection Mockup

Put your coffee shop sign right there in the text, without typing a thing. We won't be able to change the image or the reflection type (what you see in the mockup is what you'll get), but we'll be able to update text and add text color. 

Neon Sign Mockup

Get your sign printed up nice with this fabulous retro neon sign. No design software or savvy required. We can change the text to say anything you'd like (as long as it fits), update colors, placement of the items on the background, and tubes details. 

T-Shirt Mockups Pack

Make your softball team think you are an expert designer, without lifting a finger. We can add logos, words, and change shirt colors for you. 

Questions? Comments? let us know what you think, what we're missing, what you want, etc!



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