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A huge collection of crisp, clean, and pixel-perfect fonts for desktop, print, and web.

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Medialoot Font Pro: Ultimate Font Collection

Better Type is Better Design

There are so many fonts out there, and yet so many of them don't live up to professional standards. With this collection of crisp, clean, and unique font-faces you can add an outstanding touch to your web and print projects that will render type fanatics in awe.

19 Surprisingly Useful Fonts


Drop these fonts into your webpage designs for an instantly better look.

Title and Display Fonts

Awesome fonts for large-scale text, many of which also work great inline.

Totally Inclusive

The sans serif fonts included contain all upper and lowercase glyphs, numbers, and symbols.

Sans Serif Beauties

Featuring 4 unique sans serif typefaces perfect for body text or headlines.

Great Value

These 19 typefaces are easily worth over $200 when purchased individually.

Styles Out The Wazoo

Multiple weights and styles included for many fonts.

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Awake is one of our top-downloaded fonts of all times. It's a highly legible sans-serif typeface that has been designed to be well suited to any purpose, from big and bold display headlines to body copy. Inspired by both geometric and classic roman proportions, it has an interesting blend of mechanical and humanist traits.


Asche is our most popular font, and it's no surprise why. This unique sans serif and desktop web font is inspired by vintage industrial logo-types and makes for a powerful headline font. It includes all common glyphs including lower and uppercase characters, numbers and symbols. This font is supplied in Bold, Regular and Light weights.


Meddle is a humanist font family with subtle rounded edges and playful nature. The versatile font contains all upper and lowercase glyphs, numbers, and symbols. It's suitable for headlines and body text, and it includes Bold, Regular, Italic and Bold Italic styles.


Viro is the baby of the bunch, but its beauty makes up for its newness. Viro is a sans-serif humanist typeface, slightly condensed and with subtle rounded edges. This font would be suitable for almost any purpose from headlines to body copy. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols and accented letters.

Display and Title Fonts

Barker Bold

Barker Bold Stencil is an all-caps thick and bold slab serif glyphs and also includes numbers and symbols.


Corridor is a serif web font that is hand written, but still remains clear and easy to read. The all-inclusive font features 98 characters and is great both print and digital media. Add a hand made look to your next design with this serif font.


Dashboard is a clean, condensed web font created with a single stroke, jam packed with both a solid and outlined version.


Donovan was inspired by retro science-fiction movies and is perfect for headlines and titles. This font comes with uppercase glyphs, numbers, and common symbols.


Monarchy is a tall, all-caps, slab-serif-meets-humanist font family with 3 weights and 6 total styles. There are a total of 276 glyphs included for this king of type.


On-Air is a vintage typeface, inspired by retro media and broadcasting. This all-caps font and contains 2 variations (regular and inline) each with 127 glyphs.


Operator is a slim display typeface. Its sleek and elegant lines make it a perfect contemporary headline font containing 175 glyphs.


Pebble is a chunky, curvaceous web font, perfect for big and bold headlines. This all-caps font also contains numbers and symbols.

Simple Times

Simple Times is a clean hand written serif web font. The download includes everything you need to embed this font into your web project.

Sketch Geometric

SketchGeometric is a hand drawn geometric web font, great for headlines and for use in font collages.


SketchSlab is a scribbled slab serif web font and sister to SketchGeometric. It would be great paired with a chalkboard or written effect.

Skooled Serif

Skooled Serif is a clean hand drawn font face that is perfect for creating a handmade look on your website. The text is easy to read, even at smaller sizes.


Thistle is a very light weight hand written web font with a beautifully airy and care-free feel. The characters are tall, slightly condensed, clean and readable even at smaller sizes.


Watchtower was created primarily for big and bold headlines. This distressed title font is perfect where a big impact is needed. Included are all-caps glyphs, numbers, and the most-used symbols.


Yowsa is a clean and hand-written, chalkboard style web font that is bold and condensed. Because it’s easy to read at multiple sizes, it can be used in various applications.

A Must-Have for Every Typophile

Grab this font kit today and stand out from the crowd with unique yet polished title, display, and body fonts.

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Tags font, typeface, typography, serif, sans-serif, display, webfont, bold, humanist, geometric, grunge, headline, title, stencil, fontface, condensed, round, smooth, tall, skinny, grotesk, handwritten, handwriting

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