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So what is MediaLoot?

Put simply, MediaLoot is a collection of premium design resources that will be available for a single monthly subscription fee. As designers ourselves, we've grown really tired of being nickle-and-dimed for every single icon or button we purchase on one of the design marketplaces, and we thought it would be awesome to have a sort of 'design toolbox' where all of the best and most used resources were available for a lower subscription cost.

We're also going to make sure that everything we have will be of 'premium' quality, meaning each resource will be individually chosen and commissioned. All of the designers we'll be working with have an huge amount of talent, so instead of having to wade through a lot of junk you'll be able to find awesome designs very quickly (and consistently).

Who's behind MediaLoot?

MediaLoot was started by Jon Phillips (of SpyreStudios) and Mason Hipp (of FreelanceFolder) with the basic idea that we’ve grown tired of the existing design marketplaces out there. There’s room for something different. So we decided to create MediaLoot and build this ‘ultimate design toolbox‘. We’ll be offering brushes, vectors, textures, icons sets, graphics, templates, UI sets, etc… all for a very low monthly price.

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Is MediaLoot Good?

If you consider privacy and security as qualifications for a "good" site, then yes, MediaLoot is good! You can find out more in our Terms & Conditions.

Can I call you?

You can find contact information on the Contact page, and if you're interested in designing for us, you can find more information on the Design for Us page.

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