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Create an Easy Flaming Wing Butterfly Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial we're going to create a butterfly with flaming wings. Using the warp transform tool in Photoshop you'll see how easy it is to shape and manipulate fire into wings. We'll also create a custom brush and see how applying a simple texture can add depth to your...Read more

How to Create a Smooth Segmented Chart using Sketch 3 App

This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple line chart, inspired by Google Material design principles using primarily the vector tool, gradients and masks in Sketch 3 app.Read more

Create an Easy Neon Light Text Effect in Photoshop

Neon lights have a cool vintage look. Recreating that look in Photoshop is surprisingly easy. In this tutorial I'm using pink as my light color, but feel free to use blue or green or whatever color you prefer. Let's dive right in and get started.Read more

Working With Transparent Text Layers in Photoshop

Have you ever wanted to make text layers in Photoshop transparent and allow the background layer to show through? Layer masks and clipping masks cannot be directly applied to text layers in Photoshop, so we have to take a different approach if we want to avoid converting our text layers...Read more

How to Create a Vintage Badge Logo with Illustrator and Photoshop

Ever wondered how to create those awesome retro badges that are so popular at the moment? It is surprisingly easy to create your own unique brand identity with Illustrator, and add authentic finishing touches in Photoshop.Read more

How to Use the Active Store UI Kit to Create a Layout

If you've ever seen our UI kits and aren't sure how to start using them, then this is a must-read. This guide will show you how easy it is to create stunning ecommerce web layouts in a matter of minutes using the Active Store UI Kit.Read more

A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating an Outdoor Themed Vector Badge

Without a doubt, drawing graphics by hand is my preferred method of attack. I'm a fan of the slightly imperfect line made by the human hand versus the perfect line made by a vector drawing program. But, you can combine the two to create a powerful work flow. Let's take...Read more

Create a Vintage Style Vector Bottle Cap

I love vintage style, and there's something incredibly nostalgic about a retro bottle cap design. Creating one in Adobe Illustrator is easy and only takes a few steps. The result makes a great logo or badge for a vintage style website. Let's take a look at the process below.Read more

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