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A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating an Outdoor Themed Vector Badge

Without a doubt, drawing graphics by hand is my preferred method of attack. I'm a fan of the slightly imperfect line made by the human hand versus the perfect line made by a vector drawing program. But, you can combine the two to create a powerful work flow. Let's take...Read more

Create a Vintage Style Vector Bottle Cap

I love vintage style, and there's something incredibly nostalgic about a retro bottle cap design. Creating one in Adobe Illustrator is easy and only takes a few steps. The result makes a great logo or badge for a vintage style website. Let's take a look at the process below.Read more

A Step by Step Guide to Designing an Indie Film Poster

I've always been a fan of film poster design. I think it's the whole idea of creating a story from a single image. Taking just a piece of a film and, telling enough about that film with one design, to entice the audience to see more is a challenge for...Read more

How to Create Animated Pre-loaders using only CSS3

Pre-loaders are essential on the web, they enhance the user experience by providing visual feedback to the user whilst waiting for content to load. CSS3 pre-loaders are an alternative to image based pre-loaders and have the advantage of being scalable and Retina ready.Read more

Create Your Own Custom Social Share Count Buttons

If you're tired of using the built-in styles of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and StumbleUpon's like and share buttons, you're not alone. Here's how we implemented them here on using PHP and jQuery. You may want to be familiar with HTML, CSS, and javascript to complete this tutorial.Read more

How to Create a Vector Rustic Wood Texture with Illustrator

This tutorial will guide you step by step through the process that I personally like to use to create rustic looking, vector wood grain patterns in Illustrator. This is my preferred method because it doesn't rely on tracing bitmap textures, and the result is much more realistic than most other...Read more

Quick Tip: Create an Easy Woodcut Shading Effect in Illustrator

There's something appealing about wood carved block printing. I'm drawn to it's one color simplicity and the techniques used to achieve shading due to that limitation. I admire the thick hash lines and borders and the amount of time it would take to create those by hand. Fortunately, for digital...Read more

Create an Easy Nebula Text Effect in Photoshop

This nebula text effect is both quick and easy using a few simple tricks in Photoshop. The technique would work great for posters or book and magazine covers. Using the same basic techniques, it can also be easily modified by varying the text, brushes and background. Let's take a closer...Read more

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