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Blog Category: Roundups

10 Incredible Illustrators that You Should be Following

Putting pen to paper, or pen to screen, is an incredible talent that I hold in high regard. There is no Photoshop filter or Illustrator action that can match the true craftsmanship of an artist. Below is a list of 10 illustrators that are more than worthy of your time...Read more

10 Must Have Casual Script Fonts with a Vintage Flare

Nothing lands closer to a designer's heart than nostalgia. Especially for the 1950s when things were done by hand. Illustration and lettering were essential skills in the designer's arsenal. Just browsing through a magazine from that time period you can find a vast array of casual script fonts that define...Read more

Five Incredible iPad Apps that No Designer Can Live Without

The technology made available to designers has grown in recent years to include some incredible mobile apps that make designing, illustrating, collaborating and just plain creating on the go, more of a reality than ever before. You're no long chained to the desktop. You can get out and see the...Read more

10 Illustrated Prints You Need for Your Home Office

It's more and more common today for freelance designers to create their own products and sell them from their own online shops. Everything from t-shirts and prints to coffee mugs and stickers. Some creations are pure eye candy while others may inspire your everyday work.Read more

10 Awesome Hand Letterers that You Need to Follow

In recent years it seems that hand crafted design work that is actually crafted BY HAND is becoming more and more of a trend. After such a long period of designers relying on computers as the go to tool for designing, it's a breath of fresh air to see more...Read more

4 Alternatives to Illustrator to Convert Handmade Drawings into Vectors

We recently talked about alternatives to the Adobe CC suite, but now I'd like to dive one step further and talk about software that's specifically similar to Adobe Illustrator in terms of converting handmade drawings into vectors.Read more

10 Typography Tools from the Past You Still Use Today

Typography can easily make or break your web page, blog, business or application that you've just developed. The use of right fonts in accordance to the overall style and flow of a design is so crucial, that people will simply leave a page they've entered - if it proves to...Read more

10 Must Have Hand Drawn Fonts

Hand lettering and hand drawn fonts are certainly the rage right now. The beauty of these types of art and design is that they inject a large level of human characteristics and evoke a quirky and relaxed feel. Don't have the time or patience to hand letter your own piece...Read more

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