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Adobe Post Creates Quick Content, But Is Light on Features

Adobe has added a new entry into its line of design software for mobile -- Adobe Post. Currently only available for iOS, Adobe Post is designed to help anyone, even non-designers, produce visual content for social media.Read more

Bootstrap, Frameworks and the “Average Website”

Earlier this week, there was a provocative Medium post entitled “The Average Website”, an opinion piece intended to critique the “sameness” evident in many modern web pages. The targets will be familiar to most web developers and designers: drip widgets, welcome mats, and the like. A quick scan of popular...Read more

Fight Club 2 and Cameron Stewart: Discuss

Fight Club 2 is happening, as confirmed by the Fight Club author himself, Chuck Palahniuk. Even better, the book will be presented in a 10-issue Dark Horse Comics maxiseries illustrated by award-winning comic artist Cameron Stewart.Read more

Announcing Medialoot Unlimited: One Membership to Rule Them All

It's been our most requested feature, months in the making, years to develop the foundation. It's only happened briefly before but now it's back: Introducing a completely unlimited, completely unrestricted, and even more affordable Medialoot membership.Read more

New on Medialoot: Better Categorization, Improved Navigation, and More

Besides creating amazing new graphic design resources, we’re always striving to improve the Medialoot website so you can have the best experience possible. We’ve recently implemented a couple important changes on the site to speed up the searching process and improve your browsing experience.Read more

Medialoot is Hiring: Design for Us

If you’re a talented and hard working graphic designer looking for steady work at an awesome company, we want you to read this.Read more

Double Your Downloads in November!

This November, we’re excited to announce Double Your Downloads. It's never been a better time to be a Medialoot member. This month, you can get twice the number of graphic resource downloads than any other month. Why are we doing this? Because we love you guys and value your input...Read more

Introducing the New Medialoot

For the past nine months we've been working on something huge at Medialoot—a complete redesign and rebranding of our entire website and image. We are extremely happy to announce that it is finally live and ready for your viewing pleasure.Read more

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