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Blog Category: Articles

5 Ways to Tell if a New Client is the Right Client

Have you ever noticed that some clients fit you like an old pair of jeans, and then some clients are a struggle right out of the gate? What if I told you there was a simple method for determining if a new client is the right client. It's simply a...Read more

How to Overcome a Designer’s 3 Worst Fears

Whether you are a seasoned designer or are just starting out on this career path you've, most likely, experienced some fears and anxieties about your work. It's a completely normal thing. You're not alone. In this article I'm going to explore, what I believe to be, three of the worst...Read more

How Do You Learn Design?

Design, specifically graphic design or web design, is an incredible field. The possibilities are endless in terms of what your job situation looks like: whether you're employed by a design agency, or if you're part of a small design team for a company, or if you're a freelancer, etc. However,...Read more

What are Your Favorite Productivity Techniques?

Whether you're a designer in an agency, a full-time freelance designer, or both, you've got to make sure you're being productive. The work is always exciting but can also be extremely draining. Sometimes, especially with creative endeavors, it can be hard to find the motivation to get started on a...Read more

Tips on How to Craft Design Principles

Design principles act as a moral compass for your product design.Read more

What are the most creative cities?

Designers of all capacities have it great: whether in-office, 100% freelance, or a mixture of both. Depending on what type of design you do, you can work from anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection and an electrical outlet. However, designers tend to gravitate towards cities; there's...Read more

Five Best Mobile Design Tips for App Design

I've researched so many apps which provided me with a wide variety of tips that we can share with you about making the best possible mobile apps. I’ve selected several of those tips to share with you today.Read more

What’s your favorite design software?

Admittedly, I am already starting to feel a little out of date with my Adobe CS6 software. Adobe is being very smart by releasing great new features only available for Adobe Creative Cloud, or Adobe CC. While I do like the idea of CC because of the decreased up-front cost,...Read more

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