How to Place Lettering in and Around Objects in a Photo

A common way of display a lettering piece is to place it over a photo. To make the composition more interesting it’s also common to hide portions of the lettering behind objects in the photo. In this easy tutorial I’ll show you a method for achieving that effect.Read more

How to Draw a Multi-Touch Tap Gesture Vector Icon

Gesture icons can be very useful in the user on-boarding process for touch based mobile applications, and in this tutorial I will show you how to draw a vector hand from scratch in Illustrator using basic shapes and the Pathfinder tool.Read more

Best of 2015: Medialoot’s Most Downloaded Freebies

We think that free resources help inspire and encourage designers. Medialoot wants to remember how great 2015 was by looking back at the most-downloaded free resources of the year.Read more

How to Design for Screen more Efficiently with Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a great tool for designing icons and other vector graphics for both print and screen. But as a designer who creates artwork primarily for screen, I have found that some unconventional methods in Illustrator can make it even more efficient. Here are some of my top tips...Read more

Adobe Post Creates Quick Content, But Is Light on Features

Adobe has added a new entry into its line of design software for mobile -- Adobe Post. Currently only available for iOS, Adobe Post is designed to help anyone, even non-designers, produce visual content for social media.Read more

Create an Easy Vintage Woodcut Style Illustration in Photoshop

A lot of times I need a simple vintage background image to display on posters or logo mockups. I need these images to be high resolution and I need them to complement the piece as a whole. That may sound easy, but it’s actually a pretty tall order. Old photos...Read more

Create a Convincing Hand Drawn Effect in Illustrator

This tutorial will show you how to create a realistic hand drawn effect in Illustrator. Ideal for those without scanners, or for when you already have the graphic you want in Illustrator but need to give it a convincing hand drawn effect (without attempting to recreate it with pen and...Read more

Why All UI Designers Should Give Principle App a Try and How to Get Started

Why prototyping interaction is a valuable aspect of mobile app design, and why all UI designers should give Principle for Mac a try. Plus a quick tutorial on how to get started animating your static mockups.Read more

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